3rd International Brussels Pancreatic Islet Symposium

Brussels, Belgium 30 June 2011 – 03 July 2011

The 3rd International Brussels Pancreatic Islet Symposium promises a creative, rich and varied scientific program of metabolic, functional, clinical studies and case reports in the form of plenary lectures by invited speakers, shorter oral presentations, poster sessions and exhibitions.
The major aims will be to:

  • Bring together experts on both the fundamental and clinical aspects of pancreatic islet research.
  • Offer young scientists the opportunity to follow lectures held by senior investigators, providing them with an overview on current knowledge on the subject and to present their own contributions by way of short communications and posters.
  • Allow a multidisciplinary interaction between scientists specialized in various domains such as cellular physiopathology, biochemistry, signalling pathways, pharmacological, pathological and clinical investigations.

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